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It was a wet rainy morning when my cousin was scheduled to move from Fremont to their new house in Rocklin, California. He was supposed to vacate the place at the dawn on the weekend. Given the notice period was short, moving with all the furniture and other stuff seemed a gigantic task. There was no way practically we could do any of the moving all by ourselves.

The UNITS pods is a company that provides you with the most efficient services of storage containers. This is a high profile company that offers professional packing and transporting services with superior care and safety to the specified destination. From customer service to work efficiency, from being honest and fair to affordability, UNITS is a fantastic option for people moving between cities and looking for space to store their household belongings for short periods. I had never hired a professional service until my neighbor suggested me so it was clear that I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out. Handing over your furniture and home decoration items to a company seemed a little uncomfortable but today, I’m glad I contacted UNITS. Their storage containers are well maintained with high safety measures. Some of the containers are also climate controlled. Personally for me, I highly recommend their services.

From the company standpoint, UNITS Portable Storage offers the highest quality mobile moving and portable storage containers in the industry vertical. In a competitive market, the containers of UNITS are significantly upgraded to provide flawless service. From a deeper technical point of view, all storage containers are built for heavy duty and made of a strong steel frame, a floor that can withstand pressure and fiber glass walls. Safety of your property is paramount when using any portable storage containers. UNITS’ portable storage containers are also excellent in an unfortunate event of a fire, home or office repairs and even remodeling.

As it was a rainy day, I had to make sure that the property wouldn’t get wet or moist. The UNITS provided us with the perfect solution. The safe and water tight storage containers they provided did the job in safeguarding our furniture and accents. Moreover, I could request for double portable storage containers which helped store all the required material and the waste ones in two different units. Overall, I believe it saved me a lot of time, effort and money by hiring UNITS. Today, when I look back upon that day, I realize what a legendary decision we made in contacting UNITS who moved my cousin’s house to over 150 miles without a single damage!

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